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Changjiangrunfa Machinery Co., Ltd. inception, always adhere to the 'business - hard work, success - all directions to help, the credibility - of the effectiveness of development - never complacent'concept of development, through the unremitting efforts, from scratch From small to large, from weak to strong, after the storm, successfully created the 'Yangtze River conditioner'The domestic elevator guide rail industry's first national brand, with wisdom, blood and sweat to write a magnificent start of the song.

Today, the Yangtze River will continue to uphold the previous RT entrepreneurial spirit, focus on product and process innovation, through technological innovation, promote the continued development; by strengthening management, to establish high-quality service system; through the full expansion of domestic and foreign markets in the world Do fine within the bigger and stronger, 'the Yangtze River Conditioner'brand, to further strengthen the company elevator guide rail industry in the global competitive advantage, become a global industry leader in rail-level elevator manufacturer.

The journey ahead, we look forward to all the friends hand in hand, create a bright tomorrow!