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Solid guide

Mainly used for vertical lift solid main rail tracks (used rail car), in accordance with the accuracy of the different rail, solid rail can be divided into general accuracy, precision and ultra high-precision rails.

Solid rail is the backbone of the company products, product specifications, quality excellent; is now a general accuracy and precision two major series. General accuracy of specifications include: T75-3 / B, T78 / B, T89 / B, T90 / B, T1 14 / B, T127-1 / B, T127-2 / B, T140-1 / B, T140-2 / B, T140-3 / B, T45 / A, T50 / A, T70 / B, T82-1 / B, T82-3 / B, etc.; precise specifications include: T89/BE, T1 1 4/BE, T1 27-1/BE, T127-2/BE, T140-1/BE, T140--2/BE, T1 40-3/BE and so on.