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Langfang International Exhibition successful elevator Exhibition 2010

April 21-24, 2010 China International Elevator Exhibition was successfully held in Langfang, Hebei, as the global elevator industry, the biennial event, attracted global attention elevators and related industries. Show the face of international arena, the company invested heavily to a new corporate image and competitive situation to participate in the exhibition, thick and thin of plot, the exhibition period, the company in a professional, high quality, progressive and innovative outlook to attract customers around the world eyes.

Show Strength: wide publicity, earthquake reputation: the opening day, any day of the Chinese laugh Elevator Association president to visit the company booth, accompanied by OTIS, and asked the company's product specifications and production process, which fully reflects the company in the international elevator market influence and visibility. During the exhibition, Jiangsu Satellite TV also interviewed Ms. Yu Xiaqiu chairman, chairman of the company's development process and the next five years development plan introduced in detail.

Development technology: first-class quality of security: the exhibition period, the company booth attracted famous elevator manufacturers come to visit, not only OTIS, Mitsubishi, Thyssen, Kone and other old customers for many years, more have Schindler, fast, etc. potential new customers and the company's products are made of intent to purchase. Take this opportunity to showcase the company to all new and old customers with advanced process and quality control system, and invite the customer units to the company site visits, the exhibition not only to new customers understand our products, but also to old customers I have a better understanding of the company, many customers of the company's reputation, ability and confidence in product quality.

Style show: think ahead, and innovation: the elevator in the fast growing Chinese market, the company continued to strengthen for the purpose of selling, active participation of various elevator exhibition. In addition to display during the exhibition of my company's mainstay products of various types of rail ----, but also increased the elevator car and other special facilities, to let customers know the company in addition to participating in the development of high-precision, ultra-high Precision rail projects, is also committed to supporting the development of new lift projects, such as high-speed guide shoes and safety system for the company's wells and components ready to develop promotional efforts.

Meanwhile, exhibitors, companies have mastered to include market, technology updates and other development of the industry, including first-hand information for the company in the future development of better and faster to create favorable conditions.