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Brazil ThyssenKrupp Elevator visit the company's director of global procurement

April 13, the world's third-largest manufacturer of elevator industry - ThyssenKrupp Elevator ThyssenKrupp Elevator in Brazil belongs to Daniel, director of global procurement, procurement director Marcelo Brazil area, and the Thyssen Elevator Manager of Shanghai Branch Li Yanyan suppliers Visit other companies. Company vice president Frog Chan, marketing and foreign trade minister of Yao Zhong Sales Manager Wang Feng and other warm reception with the visiting customers, and focusing on product quality requirements and price and other issues to discuss negotiations.

During the visit, Daniel focused view of the rail line long planing workshop, and the rail company for the Thyssen Brazil conducted a field test, the test results meet the customer requirements, the customer has been affirmed. After the visit, the two sides had a meeting related to the exchange. Director Daniel and Marcelo affirmed the company's production scale and management status, said it would continue to increase the intensity of cooperation with the Division I; the same time, the quality of our products and the price of the relevant requirements.