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Company and the China Academy of Building Research Branch of Construction Machinery of the Framework Agreement signed

March 4, the general manager Qiu Qiqin behalf of the company and the China Architecture Design and Research Institute of Construction Mechanization Research Branch signed a framework agreement.

Agreement in China Academy of Building Research Construction Mechanization Research Branch Conference Room, Qiu Qiqin general manager, Li Shoulin president representing the two sides signed the agreement, according to the agreement: the two sides will set up the China Academy of Building Research Construction Mechanization Research Branch of the Yangtze Conditioner Machinery manufacturing industry base, the company's existing products led to industrial base as a platform to advance development and elevator guide rail supporting components, such as: rail brackets, guide shoes, subsequent development of the elevator the other products, such as security systems The safety gear, such as buffer, and then gradually extended to other machining products, such as elevator installation platform project (the project included in the Eleventh Five Year Plan of national projects), which marks the company expected to break the existing unitary Product development mode to a wide range of product development to further enhane the company's overall competitiveness.