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Jiangnan Jia Jie to visit the company

January 14, 2010, Jiangnan Jia Jie Vice Minister Wei Shanhu and procurement costs 4 Yunlong and his party visited the company and focus on product prices, a discussion on matters relating to bilateral cooperation, corporate hospitality sales manager, a line of Yao Chung Guests.

Jiangnan Jia Jie Elevator Co., Ltd. was established in 1992, is the design and manufacture of elevators, escalators and moving walkways products, professional manufacturers, is one of the elevator on behalf of national brands, and the company has a good business relationship.

Weishan Hu Vice President and his entourage inspected the scene of the company, the company's production scale and quality of site management gave a high evaluation of the strength of the company expressed its full recognition. Also the actual situation with Ka Jie price of the company made available the relevant requirements. Yao Zhong manager describes in detail the company's doors to guests on production and said the company will carefully study the recommendations and requirements Jia Jie, seek common ground, closer bilateral cooperation, and promote the development of better and faster to both sides.